Perfectly Poised High Heel Masterclass

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High Heels are definitely here to stay, and, if we not careful, our nation’s girls and ladies will end up seriously hurting themselves, gradually building up a list of complications over time.

As a heel wearer, if you can change your mentality from treating your heels like your best friend but to that of your most respected enemy then you will immediately see a dramatic increase in the fluidity and control of your walk.  Learn to live in this way and your body will survive, but walk in heels like you are wearing a pair of flats and the results can be disastrous.

Using digital clinical video gait analysis we provide one to one tuition or group classes to help you improve your elegance, gait and poise. Compare the dramatic transformation to your posture and control after receiving instruction from our walking expert Martin Bell.

weak hip muscles

Effect of lazy right bum/hip muscles on walking in a pair of 4.5″ heels. Clip taken from video footage, showing the effect of high heel class training and education

The Great British Wobbly Bottom (GBWB)

A weak bum (Poor Gluteus muscle control), means that it is difficult for ladies to control their knees and feet properly especially when walking down a steep slope, even in flats!

When you put on a pair of high heeled shoes you force your body to walk down a steep slope all day long. This challenging environment encourages your legs and bum to fatigue much more quickly, making it difficult to remain elegant and poised.  Keep this up all day and your joints will suffer for it.

Wonky legs!

Girls with weak legs and poorly controlled bum muscles often complain of painful knees when walking down steep slopes or long flights of stairs.  This easily treatable condition is called ‘Lower Kinetic Chain Dysfunction’ but unfortunately it’s all too easy to take wobbly walking for granted and ignore the symptoms of this condition.

The symptoms of this are:

  • Turned out feet
  • Turned in knees and hips
  • Flat feet
  • Over extended knees (hyper-extended)
  • Sticky out bottom (increased lumbar lordosis)
  • Pain at front of knee
  • Back pain
  • Numb toes
  • Poor sporting performance
  • Premature fatigue

Typically girls with this condition will complain of a significant increase in their symptoms when walking downhill or descending steep stairs.

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