dynamic gait analysis

To fully understand your Biomechanics, a dynamic assessment of your gait will be undertaken on a treadmill and the outcome noted.

This involves a comprehensive assessment of the deviation of your hind foot and its stability at a variety of speeds. Your overall body posture and trunk control will be examined and any core stability or muscular issues discussed.

The information gained will be used in conjunction with the outcome of your physical assessment ensuring that your feet are aligned to their optimal functional angle.

After your dynamic gait analysis recommendations may be made for you to receive specific muscular re-training by a qualified therapist.

gait analysis

See the video for an illustration of a classic dysfunction, in this case, seen only on the right foot.  This type of posture can easily be corrected with appropriately designed Orthotic Insoles.

barefoot running

Please bring appropriate clothing, shorts / leggings etc.

You will be required to:

  • Walk barefoot
  • Run barefoot (see video illustrating over-pronation on right foot)
  • Walk/run with trainers
  • Walk/run with corrected orthotic inlays

We will look for:

  • Joint Instability
  • Heel impact and timing of gait
  • Uneven trunk movements
  • Muscular imbalance