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My leg gets numb!

After 30 min of playing football my left leg goes dead to my toes.  It’s fine normally and I know that my right leg is slightly shorter than the left one. I am not sure what to do or who … Continue reading

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Plantar-fasciitis (Heel Pain) What can you do?

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Plantar-fasciitis (P.F.) is a seriously annoying, long lasting painful condition of the big ligament that passes along the sole of your foot – It will typically persist unless the repeated daily cycle of day time trauma and night time healing … Continue reading

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My heel hurts, what is causing it?

Symptoms: Intermittent burning pain on the heel of my right foot. There’s no obvious trigger and it lasts a few minutes. The heel sometimes feels very tight, usually after I’ve been inactive for a while. Duration: It used to just … Continue reading

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Perfectly Poised High Heel Masterclass

As seen on the BBC, ITV, Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun, The Express and more. High Heels are definitely here to stay, and, if we not careful, our nation’s girls and ladies will end up seriously hurting themselves, gradually building up a list of complications over … Continue reading

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Clarks ‘Wave’ shoes

Clarks have just released a brand new style of footwear to make walking that little bit easier. These follow on from the more hardcore research driven ‘MBT’, ‘Fit-flop’ fitness styles of footwear – see fitness footwear.  Thankfully all of these … Continue reading

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Morton’s Neuroma – nerve pain in my foot

“I suffer intermittently from a strong nerve pain in the middle toe of my left foot.  Do you think you could be of help to me in this. Thank you” This sounds like a Morton’s Neuroma. Classically this is an … Continue reading

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My skin’s falling off my feet!!

“I’ve started running on the treadmill at my gym recently and am finding that a lot of skin is peeling from the soles of my feet. This has now become pretty painful and is upsetting my exercise regime. What can … Continue reading

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I have a morton’s Neuroma what should I do?

“I have Morton’s Neuroma and need advice on how I can live with it  comfortably. I had  a cortisone injection in November, it relieved the acute pain but I still have noticeable discomfort.  Is there anything that can help minimise … Continue reading

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Love Running

Love Running is a brand new initiative that helps ordinary people do extraordinary things. It’s about engaging with our communities, making a difference to people’s lives, and doing ourselves some good while we’re at it. February 27th, 10am-12pm. Launch Seminar … Continue reading

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My legs and back are sore, please help!

David wrote: “I have orthotic insoles that were made for me about 3 years ago.  They are hard orthotics.  I have now started getting knee pain, lower back pain,inner thigh tightness and calf tightness.  What do I do?” Reply: Sounds … Continue reading

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