My legs and back are sore, please help!

David wrote:
“I have orthotic insoles that were made for me about 3 years ago.  They are hard
orthotics.  I have now started getting knee pain, lower back pain,inner thigh
tightness and calf tightness.  What do I do?”

Sounds nasty!

What you describe sounds postural as opposed to muscular.  Ie muscular problems you can normally stretch out or get physio to improve specific muscle group function.  Postural variances tend to be caused by joint mal-alignment and includes multiple joints as you describe, but unfortunately you frequently see a blend of both situations.

There are probably only 2 options to consider

1.Your feet have changed (worsened) and your insoles do not fit you or give you the same support they once did.

2.You don’t actually need insoles and they are proving counter productive and are affecting other parts of your body

I suspect by the description of your symptoms that it is the former.
Typically, excessive flattening of the foot (pronation)  causes internal rotation of the knee which in turn internally rotates the hip causing an anterior tilt of the pelvis, obviously more dramatic if both feet do the same thing.

Rigid orthoses can cause quite a severe change to your gait and posture.  They work in the same way as softer ones but apply a much greater correction to your feet.  It may be worth sourcing some semi-rigid ones that work dynamically with your feet, providing a more balanced gait by not restricting the natural movement of your feet.

NB – calf tightness is an occupational hazard of growing older, keep up hamstring, gastroc and soleus stretches before and after activity to keep tightness at bay.

Hope this helps

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