Plantar-fasciitis (Heel Pain) What can you do?


Understanding Plantar-fasciitis

poor biomechanics, tight calves, hard heeled shoes, heel pain, ankle posture

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  1. Jean says:

    I had a very painful big toe on my left foot, for many months and as a consequence had an operation in Feb 2013 to remove the bony spurs that the consultants said had grown as a result of an injury I suffered. I have since then worn flat shoes and am only now able to wear shoes with slightly elevated heels.

    I used to be an enthusiastic runner and in addition to the above, I developed a very painful right knee. As a result of these two injuries, my gait and posture have been adversely affected. I now have pain in my hips and lower back. In the past four to six months I have developed a very painful right foot; mostly in my heel. I feel as though I am falling apart.

    What can I do to help myself manage these problems?

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