My skin’s falling off my feet!!

“I’ve started running on the treadmill at my gym recently and am finding that a lot of skin is peeling from the soles of my feet. This has now become pretty painful and is upsetting my exercise regime.
What can I do to stop this?”

There are basically 2 reasons for this but normally it’s a combination  of both.

Fungal infection- athletes foot loves warm sweaty environments  causing softening of the skin and peeling. This is typically more
irritating than annoying and easily treated with non prescription  creams.

Skin shear- normally causes hard skin or blisters and is not normally  problematic but can, when severe or combined with a moist environment   result in large slabs of skin separating from the bottom surface  of the foot normally at the heel or under the ball of the foot,  especially the big toe. This can be seriously painful as the exposed skin/tissue is extremely raw.

Skin shear and hard skin / callus development is a sign that foot  movement is excessive and that the foot pressures are unusual.  Good fitted Orthotic insoles will resolve this.

Check shoe fit, look for skin peeling between the toes.  Change socks  regularly to keep feet dry.

Contact me if you would like an appt to discuss  further.

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