foot explainationEach initial consultation is 60minutes long to allow us sufficient time to examine you and to discuss your current problems and treatment options.  A treadmill is available for running and walking analysis.

We will:

Please bring:

  • T shirt + Shorts or leggings
  • A couple pairs of frequently worn shoes
  • Clinical letters or documentation pertinent to your condition.

We always allow time to answer questions

Martin will explain your diagnosis thoroughly and propose a course of treatment before asking for your consent to proceed. If you feel that it will be beneficial or helpful, please feel free to bring a friend or family member to any consultation.

Plaster casting for custom-made devices – 30min

Sometimes, to achieve the best possible fit of a bespoke device it will be necessary to take a model of you with plaster. This will involve lying prone (face down) or sitting on an examination couch with your feet or legs extending over the end. This technique offers the Orthotist an optimal examination and casting angle, giving heightened correction and control to the casting procedure.

Delivery Appointment – 15min

A session will be arranged to fit your new orthosis and insure that it fits well and gives all the control and realignment that it is intended to do.

Review Appointment – 30min