running biomechanics

This is where we bring together the observations from both your physical assessment and your dynamic gait analysis to find a mechanical solution to restore your lost function or reduce your pain.

We will closely analyse the movement of your knees, hips, back and feet in order to determine the most appropriate course of action.  This is normally conducted on a treadmill, allowing viewpoints from many angles.

AnkleBio-mechanics is the research and analysis of the mechanics of human movement applying the relationship between engineering principles and the biological system composed of soft tissue and bone. These various tissues within the body such as skin, bone and muscle possess unique material properties that work together dynamically giving us mobility and functional ability.

Closer study of the human body brings to life the complexity of the levers and fulcrums that we all take for granted. This understanding becomes vital when these sensitive structures become unbalanced and we lose part of our mobility or our functional ability.