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running with shoes

Pain, Injury & Efficiency – Pain slows us down and makes our bodies feel unnatural and awkward.  Gait compensations as a result of pain often cause injuries to other areas.  See the problems you have been experiencing through the eyes of a professional  with decades of experience in gait and biomechanics.  Understand the effects of fatigue on previous injury and learn how to improve your running technique and build strategic strength.  Under guidance use stimulating equipment to challenge your balance, building proprioception and increasing efficiency and endurance.

Follow the link for comprehensive advice regarding stretching and injury prevention.

weakness in hips and loss of leg control

buttock weakness and foot instability

Lower Kinetic Chain Mechanics  – Do you know how effective you are in controlling your lower chain?  Stand and balance on a single leg, observe yourself in a full length mirror  – is this easy to do? Is it more difficult side/side?  Try a single leg demi-squat to observe this and help build endurance and improve knee control. Can you stand easily on tip toe, how about on just one foot – this is how we run!

Gravitational Force – When we run, Gravity inexorably draws us downwards increasing the velocity of our feet striking the ground and compromising our efficiency.  With visual cues, understanding how to engage your core and stabilise your pelvis and understanding why our feet and knees collapse so easily under exhaustion and fatigue.  Learn sound techniques to build strength and improve your biomechanics. 

To understand this complex issue, listen to your foot impact when you are fresh and compare  to when you are fatigued.

Minimising the excessive impacting forces and unwanted over-acceleration into the ground through our feet is key to understanding the treatment for injury and coaching goals to improve technique and performance in sport.

Prescribed Orthotic Insoles for Running – Using prescribed Orthotic corrective insoles to provide a careful re-alignment of your feet and legs change the way your body works, allowing affected joints time to heal.  Correctly prescribed Orthotic insoles can have a profound effect on the way you walk and run, improving your bio-mechanics, giving enhanced balance and control affecting your entire musculo-skeletal system by:

  • Offloading key painful areas of your feet
  • Improving knee control undermined by fatigue
  • Increasing comfort and force of landing
  • Protecting against weakness and instability
  • Improving muscular efficiency and performance

Orthotic insoles are proven not to cause weakness, but instead when correctly prescribed to teach and straighten you allowing you to achieve higher functional effort and ability. 

What is better? … to habitually ride your bike aligned off the vertical, or to accept advice and learn how to keep it straight and be encouraged to go faster!

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