Clarks ‘Wave’ shoes

Clarks have just released a brand new style of footwear to make walking that little bit easier. These follow on from the more hardcore research driven ‘MBT’, ‘Fit-flop’ fitness styles of footwear – see fitness footwear.  Thankfully all of these shoes bringing a welcome breath of new technology into the footwear market, but benefits are invariably far too hyped up and exaggerated beyond proportion.  NB Sketchers ‘shape uprange  of fitness shoes are cheaper copies of the original MBT patent and lack some of the rigidity of the original MBT design but are still a very comfortable shoe.

Named ‘Wave‘ shoes they claim to reduce the load over your toes, increasing comfort and ease of Gait.  Most of this is actually quite true.. the discretely designed fore-foot rocker will be a delight for anyone with painful feet especially at the joints and toes.  Good news as well that the pre-moulded insole inside the footwear can easily be removed to allow custom orthotic insoles to be fitted.  At a much more reasonable price (£50-70 ) than MBT’s, and without all the marketing twaddle these are a really good option to consider.

These are not fussy shoes for looking good at the gym, but reasonably appealing shoes suitable for everyday working environments.

At last someone has been listening!

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  1. mørch says:

    No more pain – I can walk futher, longer ….
    I really like the wave shoes. The rounded bottom of the shoe – the wave – forces me to round off my step properly. Most people walk, rolling along from heel to toe naturally, ending the roll with a tiny kick or swing backwards as they lift.
    I walk placing the whole foot down at once, without rolling, forget the swing. These shoes are heaven sent for my flat way of walking, since they gently force me to roll AND swing. I get less tired in my calf, and can walk futher without getting tired. Of course other muscle groups are activatet instead, but is less tirering. So if your step is slighty on the heavy side I highly recommend to give wave clarks a try.

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