My leg gets numb!

After 30 min of playing football my left leg is completely dead up to my toes. I know that my right leg is slightly shorter than the left one. I am not sure what to do or who to see.  Will a foot orthotic help?  

You are describing the symptoms of nerve entrapment and the associated loss in sensation – parasthesia.
It is really important that we quickly assess your leg length, as improper spine alignment will cause pressure on the nerves exiting the spine and create all sorts of nasty sensations …. that’s the first thing to rule out.
There may also be another explanation for your numbness, try searching on google for ‘piriformis syndrome‘, this causes painful muscular entrapment of the big nerve that supplies the back of your leg and can give you numb feet.  The pain is known as sciatica and it is thought that it typically affects about 50% of the population whose sciatic nerve passes through their piriformis muscle.  When the muscle is allowed to become too tight it causes pressure on the nerve.  As a keen footballer, it would be typical for your gluteus muscles and hamstrings to be really tight and trigger nerve pain after extreme bursts of activity.
If it was just your toes that gets numb then it would be more likely to be ‘tarsal tunnel syndrome‘ (more interesting googling for you), affecting mainly your 1st 3 toes.  This is fairly straightforward to treat with foot orthotics and conditioning/flexibility exercises for your lower leg.
I have a friend whom you need to see, she is a brilliant chiropractor called Gemma.  I will need to see you and treat your leg length and assess your foot posture very soon but the most important thing is to see a specialist soon regarding your spine alignment and the flexibility of your bum muscles.
Either way we need to fix this quickly
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